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How to Protect Your Liver If You Drink Alcohol

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If there is one thing that most people understand about the liver is that it is for the body as liquor. When you take a glass of wine, beer or other alcoholic beverage, the liver is responsible for processing the alcohol and detoxify the blood.

drink alcohol
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Yet alcohol decomposition is only one of some 500 essential functions of the liver. This means that it can handle a certain amount of alcohol at a time. If you overload your liver (by drinking too much at once), the excess alcohol will be in your bloodstream and affect your brain, your heart and other tissues, leading to an increasing drunkenness.

If you continue to drink to excess, drinking a lot at one go or taking daily more drinks you ask your liver continuously work overtime. The consequences of such excess may include the destruction of liver cells, fat accumulation in the liver (hepatic steatosis) or, even worse, inflammation of the liver (alcoholic hepatitis), permanent scarring (cirrhosis), or even liver cancer.

There is no fixed rule as to how much alcohol you can consume without damaging your liver. Here are some tips that will help you decide whether or not you should take a first drink or the next …

Do not try to drink as much as your friends, the alcohol tolerance may be higher than yours. You may think you know your limits, but the truth is that your gender, your weight, your ethnicity and your health are all factors that can determine the safe amount of alcohol for you.

Do not base your choice of drinks on the belief that a type of alcohol is less harmful than another.
This is the amount of alcohol and not the type that counts. A “glass” equals 12 oz (341 ml) of beer; 5 oz (142 ml) of wine; 3 oz (86 ml) of sherry or port; 1 ½ oz (43 ml) of spirits. Everyone has the same effect on the liver, it is eaten alone or diluted.

Never mix alcohol and drugs. For example, the combination of acetaminophen and alcohol can cause liver failure.
If you are a woman, resist peer pressure would encourage you to drink more than you normally would. Women absorb more alcohol than men; they are more likely than men to contract liver disease related to alcohol, and even if their consumption is lower.

If you have hepatitis or another form of liver disease, avoid alcohol consumption. Alcohol can amplify liver damage.
Do not participate in “games” that encourage excessive consumption of alcohol in a short period of time.
Restrict your alcohol intake to one or two drinks, but never on a daily basis. For your liver, the amount of the safest alcohol is the “zero” quantity.

Wicker Furniture for your Home

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If you are out on a mission to decorate or remodel your backyard, it is essential to stay up to date with the recent trends in lavish backyard furnishing. It doesn’t matter whether you have a big backyard or a small one, any backyard can be decorated to look lavish. The basic outdoor furniture pieces trending in Australia are made of wicker. There are many materials and types available in outdoor furniture but Wicker outdoor furniture not only looks good but is easy to clean and maintain.

Let’s look at some of the basic pieces that you will require in your backyard. A seat, lounging chair, or sofa is a must as you will need a place to sit down to enjoy nature and the fresh air in your backyard. You will need a table to set out food or small snacks when you are holding a party in your backyard as well.

Some fancy umbrellas are essential to shade yourself from the intense heat of the afternoon sun or rain in winter seasons. Wicker outdoor furniture can be found in a variety of price ranges, from expensive to more affordable ones.

Although wicker outdoor furniture is not suitable for rainy seasons but you can find all-weather wicker furniture in most stores. The style and design of your furniture must look like an extension of your indoor furniture so make sure to choose pieces that are not that different from your indoor furnishing. The cushions you choose can help you here, by smoothing out the transition in styles between your indoor and outdoor furniture.

When buying your furniture make sure to get a cleaning guide or instructions on how to maintain the furniture so it always looks new and lasts for years.

Cleaning Products are Essential

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When you have recently moved into a new house, something, apart from your furniture and other essentials are the cleaning products that you will need. The importance of these cleaning materials just cannot be ignored as without them you would be left with an extremely dirty, smelly and uninviting home. So, to make sure that your new home or apartment always smells fresh and looks sparkling clean, you need to have a set of products that will ensure this.

Before I start telling you about these essentials, let me tell you a few other things. First of all, you need to remember that even though no one or at least a very few people actually like the cleaning process; it is just something that you cannot do without. If you want your house clean every day, then you have to make sure to brush, mop and dust every single day as well.

Given below is a list of very basic cleaning supplies that you will need when you have moved into a new home.

1. A brush & Vacuum Cleaner: Depending on what you prefer, you will need to get your new house either a brush or a vacuum cleaner. Brushes are great for marbled or wood floors, while vacuum cleaners are ideal for rooms or place that has a carpet installed.

2. Cleaners: Cleaners of all kinds are an absolute necessity when it comes to cleaning supplies, and you will need plenty of different kinds. For example, you will need a glass cleanser that helps to remove stains and oil from glasses or glassware, a wood cleaner to wipe off the dust that has accumulated on your furniture along with an all-purpose grease cleaner which will help you get rid of grease and stains on the stove.

Suitable Home Nursing Service for You

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Home nursing is a great way to make sure that the person who has been recently discharged from the hospital is taken care of by professional nurses who can not only give the patient the care that is needed but can also provide moral support if needed. Nursing at home has been a tried and tested method for individuals who have procured a great illness or who have suffered accidents, as such patients require a lot of care as well as a companion who can get them through their darkest phase. Nursing care at home can do just that.
However, the biggest problem in this regard remains to find the right home health care service, which would be able to cater to your needs in the best manner possible. You not only need to get a good home nurse to look after the individual who needs home care but you also need to ensure that the service agency has the right plans for the patient as well. A good nursing service would ensure that they cater to the needs of everybody and should have packages for not only individuals but also for corporations and even health professionals.
Finding such a company, which is great in every aspect, is an extremely difficult and time taking task. The first thing you can do to learn about a few such companies which operate in and around your area is to ask your neighbours, friends and colleagues regarding any nursing centre which provides home nursing care to patients. There is a good chance that you would get to know about a couple of services while the feedback about them should guide you whether a visit to the service agency’s office or a call on their number is worth it or not.
Another excellent way of coming to know about well-reputed and experienced home healthcare service is to check the internet for all such companies, which offer their services in your area. You should have a look at their website, check out their services and packages and then read about the service and the company over various forums, blogs and websites that review such services and companies. This venture should also help you in having an idea about different services and thus, you should be able to pinpoint that one service which would suit the requirements of yourself and your patient. Remember to not trust everything said in each review but rather, you should read different reviews regarding each service and then decide. This is because one person might have something personal against a company but not all. Thus, if the majority of reviews praise a service then it would most probably be a great company while if the majority do not remember a given service happily then you should better stay away from it!
In this way, one can easily find out a healthcare service that delivers good nursing right at your doorstep. With everyone so busy in their lives, home help can get any member of the family who falls badly sick a nice person who would ensure that he remains well-cared and well-tended while he recovers!

How to Improve Your Appearance and Your Image

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Whether you like it or not, people judge books by their covers. Similarly, people who do not know you very quickly feel about your appearance and overall image you project. You rarely have more than five seconds before a person to be a positive or negative impression of you. Before being heard, you are seen. What can you do? Simply improve your “look”. Here are ten ideas so that you have the most beautiful covers or if you prefer, ten ideas to improve your appearance and image.


1. Your physical

It has been shown by numerous studies that the beautiful people inspire more confidence. If you have a large overweight or on the contrary you look anorexic, people will judge you whether you like it or not. People will think, wrongly or rightly, you probably have a lack of discipline, willpower or mental problems and esteem in the case of anorexia. Eat well and exercise regularly in order to have a healthy weight. Ask for help if you need it.


2. Your clothing

The way you’re dressed is how you are perceived. How you are perceived is how you are treated. Pay particular attention to the clothes you wear to work. Opt for classic clothes with neutral and dark colors (navy blue, charcoal gray and black). Avoid loud colors as possible. Your accessories (scarves, jewelry, ties, etc.) will by cons give a touch of sparkle to your clothing. Avoid showing your armadillos, your piercings or too much skin. Gentlemen, white stockings should be avoided … unless you work in a fitness center. And your shoes? They should always be clean and polished.


If you work in a retail business, it is strongly advised to wear uniforms or at least clothes easily identifiable by your clients. Also, have a badge with your name written clearly encourages a more personal touch.


3. Your hair and your hair

Beware of dandruff and greasy hair. For men, shave every day and avoid the beard. Have you noticed that the bad guys in the movies almost always have beards and goatees? Dare also change haircut from one decade to another and grace, made shave your neck regularly.


For ladies, the hair is tied up and they must be clean. Avoid having hair constantly in the face, replacing a lock of hair behind the ears every five seconds and have 3, 4 or even 5 colors in your hair. Obviously, armpit hair, legs and beard for some should be absent.


4. Your cleanliness

For men, make sure your nails are short and clean. For women, see that your nail polish is well placed and not chipped. For those who wear glasses, wash the lenses regularly. Look at yourself from time to time in the mirror to remove small pieces of food that may be caught between your teeth or hair that suddenly decide to get out of your nose or your ears. The cleanliness of your work environment (office, suitcase, car) also speaks volumes about your personality.


5. Your smell

Pay attention to your breath and body odor. Wash your daily course and use the course deoderant, but be especially eat onions, garlic and drinking alcohol during your lunches, dinners or business dinners. Smokers should be aware of the smell of cigarette sticking to their clothes and their skin. A coffee breath also repels. Would you buy a book whose cover stink?


6. Your smile

People who have a friendly smile, warm and sincere are more attractive. Your teeth are like sunshine. A beautiful smile inspires confidence, good humour and exudes positive energy.The smile costs nothing, but it creates a favourable impression every time. It lasts only a moment, but we may always remember a lifetime. If you do not feel like smiling one morning, the solution is simple … stay home!


7. Your eyes

What about people who do not look you in the eye? To this question, the participants in my lectures always answer the same thing: “They are dishonest,” “They have something to hide,” “They lack confidence in themselves,” etc. Indeed, the eyes are the mirror of the soul. Liars have difficulty watching their interlocutors in the eyes. Always look your customers right in the eye. You will inspire and frankness, directness and honesty.


8. Your posture and your gait

A person who has the chin and back Rights inspires confidence that a person who has the low chin and bent back and forth and gives the impression of having the weight of the world on his shoulders. Similarly, a person who is dragging its feet or making small jumps when walking does not inspire confidence.


9. Your professionalism in the actions

A person who chews gum or the tip of his pen when talking about or who cut you off or responds to his cell does not help to improve the coverage of his book.


10. handshake

Where did you learn to shake hands? Nowhere will you answer me probably! However, the handshake is often given in the first moments of a meeting and can help you or hurt inspire confidence in the other person. A handshake always gives up; you look the other in the eyes; you smile; you mention your full name and be a chameleon in the strength of your handshake. Make sure your hands are dry have hand perpendicular to the ground, the thumb straight up in the air and fingers glued to each other so as not to shake the fingertips of the other and let go after 2- 3 seconds!


A book can have great content-rich information, but it has very little chance of being read if the coverage does not encourage people to want to buy it. Similarly, you may have a product or service to offer is the best invention since the fire button with 4 holes and the Internet, but if your appearance is repulsive, people will not pay attention to what you have to say and you will have difficulty persuading and convincing. So put under the previous ten ideas and watch your sales increase dramatically!

Tips on Using Cleaning Chemicals

cleaning chemicals

Cleaning chemicals are an absolute necessity for your home because of the simple fact that spraying and wiping just doesn’t cut it, especially when you have stubborn floor stain etc. However, when using these chemicals, one also needs to remember that while not all solutions will work on every stain, they can be quite dangerous and so you need to practice caution when using them, although, this is not something which should keep you from buying any chemicals at all.

Given below are a few tips that you can use when you are using these cleaning chemicals in your own home.

Read the Labels

Hold on; don’t pour that chemical into a tub until and unless you have read the label. Where chemicals are concerned, it is absolutely necessary that you read the labels so you know exactly how to use it and stay away from any precautions or warnings that may be written. If the precautions and instructions aren’t given on the label, then make sure you get the material safety data sheet from the manufacturers.

Practice caution when mixing

As you know and as I have mentioned, cleaning chemicals are dangerous in more than many ways, and so you shouldn’t be mixing two chemicals together just because they work nicely separately. Each of these chemicals will have different ingredients in them and may cause much harm if combined together.

Test the chemicals

Before you apply the solutions to large floors or surfaces, make sure you have tested them out in another smaller area. Remember that because these cleaners have harsh chemicals in them, they may discolour the surface or even destroy it completely eating it away. This is why you need to test a small amount of it in an area which is out of sight.

Wear protective gear

The most important thing with solutions or cleansers that have chemicals is to wear the right kind of gear. Gloves are mandatory, along with masks etc.

Buy Sell Swap! What is it?


Have useful items around the house that you no longer have a need for? Need some other household goods that you don’t want to pay full price for? If this sounds like you, then you are an ideal candidate for a buy-sell swap. At these functions, individuals don’t only buy and sell items, but they also trade one or more items in order to obtain one or more other items from one or more sellers involved in the swap.

To get the most out of any swap, however, certain steps need to be taken, starting with:

Investigate The Swap

Not all swaps are made equal. For instance, many swaps that involve the buying, selling or trading of goods are “niche” related. So if you aren’t in the “baby” market, then you should avoid such swaps. You’ll also likely be able to get a good feel for the type and the calibre of the items that are being sold and swapped by investigating online, or by visiting the swap beforehand and checking out the items being offered.

Bring Valuables To The Table

If what you plan on doing is visiting a buy and sell with a box full of junk, then you won’t have a very successful experience. The other individuals there are not only looking for a good deal, but they’re looking for quality items that are worth them trading their own valuables for. Make sure that you come armed with valuable items that you know others will want if you plan on getting the most out of the swap meet.

Feel Free To Barter

Though it may seem intimidating at first, all buy-sell swaps include bartering. Feel free to mix and match items that you have to obtain items from other sellers that you want, or create “group deals” or “group trades” that will ensure that everyone gets what they want at a “price” they can afford.

How to Stay Healthy During Pregnancy


The mother and baby can stay healthy:

§  eating nutritious food in sufficient quantity.

§  resting a lot every day.

§  avoiding chemicals, alcohol, smoking and the majority of drugs.

§  getting the care of a midwife or health worker who can treat health problems or help to address them.

§  receiving love and kindness.

Eat nutritious food in sufficient quantity
By eating a variety of nutritious foods, the mother will be strong and healthy and have the energy to give birth and care for her baby. If a pregnant woman does not eat sufficient quantities, it may be because she puts aside food for other members of the family or because a stepmother or girlfriend full of good intentions advised him to avoid certain foods or told her she had to stay thin to give birth more easily. Remember, a pregnant woman should eat enough for her and her baby, and so it must more food than other adults, not the opposite. Like everyone else, a pregnant woman needs a mixture of proteins, vegetables, fruits and starchy foods. And should eat more often, several small meals throughout the day. 

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Diversified foods allow the mother and baby to be healthy.

Prevent anemia
Anemia (not enough iron in the blood) is common during pregnancy. It causes fatigue. Anemia is especially dangerous for pregnant women because they lose blood during childbirth. Anemia is sometimes so severe that one can die. To prevent anemia, you must eat foods rich in protein and iron and take iron tablets.

Malaria and hookworm can cause anemia and must be treated immediately.

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Pregnant women need iron-rich foods.

Folic acid
A lack of folic acid (folate) can cause deformities and disability in the baby. Choose an iron supplement containing folic acid or take a folic acid supplement.

Vitamin A
Vegetables and orange and green fruits contain vitamin A, an essential nutrient for healthy eyes. A pregnant woman should eat more fruits and vegetables color orange and green because vitamin A that she eats will first cover the needs of the baby. Lack of vitamin A can cause night blindness or blindness in general.

We need to encourage family and neighbors to share the work and responsibilities of the pregnant woman. It should be reminded, especially when the pregnancy is advanced, it must rest and elevate his legs several times a day or lengthen the afternoon. The body works during pregnancy and needs rest.

Avoid hazardous substances

Cigarettes and tobacco
Cigarettes and tobacco are harmful to the lungs of the mother and can lead to cancer and death. Because of the cigarette, babies may be born too early, too small or being born dead. The mother and baby can even be bothered when other people smoke next to them. It should be recalled to the family and others not to smoke in the room or car in which there is a pregnant woman or children.

Alcohol and drugs
When a pregnant woman drinks alcohol, the baby also absorbs and it can damage the brain or body permanently. The more a woman drinks alcohol, the more it is likely to cause problems. Similarly, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin and other drugs are dangerous for pregnant women and their babies.

Most drugs taken by pregnant women are also absorbed by the baby. And as babies are very small and under development, drugs that do not present a danger in an adult can cause defects or other problems in the baby. Pregnant women must avoid the majority of drugs. It should rest and drink – no drugs – to recover well when suffering from problems such as headaches, stomach aches and colds.


Unless they are not really necessary, it is best to avoid medications during pregnancy.

But some diseases are too serious not to be treated during pregnancy. Diseases are sometimes dangerous for the baby. Here are the diseases it should always be treated with drugs in pregnant women:

§  malaria.  HIV and AIDS. 

§  urinary tract infections. 

§  sexually transmitted infections such as chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis.

To find out if you can safely take medication during pregnancy or breastfeeding, you have to put the question to an experienced health worker, check the pages on drugs at the end of this chapter or look in other guides medical. If the medicine we must take this danger, there are surely other that can be used instead.

Traditional medicines and herbal can also cause more harm than good. 

Avoid sick people

There is nothing worse than getting sick when you are pregnant. So we no longer want to eat too, and we have more energy because we do not eat enough. Avoid sick people not to get sick yourself.

Rubella is a disease that is normally not a serious problem, but when it affects pregnant women, it can lead to deformities and disabilities for the baby she carries. To protect the baby, a pregnant woman should avoid people who have buttons, especially children, who often have these infections. Even own children a woman pregnant should be cared for by another family member or friend if they are sick. The best prevention is vaccination campaign for all women of the community.

The care of a midwife or other health worker
An experienced midwife or another health worker can advise a pregnant woman to take care of her and stays healthy, can cure its problems and discomfort, and know when to seek help from a hospital or medical center. During pregnancy, childbirth and weeks following, all women should be followed by a worker of the experienced and compassionate health.

Pregnant women should be vaccinated against tetanus as soon as possible at the time of pregnancy. It must receive a second injection 4 weeks later if vaccinations are not completely up to date. This protects both the woman and the baby.

Laboratory tests
Simple tests can diagnose most of the most dangerous diseases for pregnant women and their babies. These tests warn the mother and the health worker to begin treatment immediately, which will prevent serious problems during or after birth. It is prudent to test for:

§  anemia (with hemoglobin test or hematocrit).

§  syphilis.

§  malaria (using rapid tests in areas where malaria is present).

HIV testing should be available to all pregnant women. If a woman learns she has HIV, it can take medications that will allow it to stay healthy and protect the baby against the virus. 


There are new tests that it is not necessary to send in laboratories and quickly performed using a swab at the mouth or vagina, or by taking a few blood by pricking the finger. We must ask the local health centre if these tests are provided by the government or a local organization offers them.


Consider these things before Buying Commercial Cleaning Products

floor cleaning

If you have a running business or planning to set up an office soon somewhere, then apart from all the necessary furniture etc, you will also need to think about buying commercial cleaning products. These cleaning products are necessary because they will have to keep your office and its bathrooms smelling clean and fresh. Of course, keeping the office nice and clean will not only help you land new and reliable clients but will also motivate your employees to work better and so increase their productivity.

Moreover, if you want your business and company to run smoothly and maintain a good image, you will need to do the cleaning part as this is one large piece of the puzzle. When it comes to buying commercial cleaning products, whether online or offline, there are a few things that you will need to bear in mind at all times.

First of all you have to know the items that you need to buy and also the amount in which you need them. Buying these things commercially doesn’t mean that you buy them in excessive amounts and waste them in a couple of months. You have to know that like everything else, these cleaning products will have a certain wear down period and if you purchase a lot of them and don’t use them; your money is going to be wasted. Also, you will need to research for the best product that meets your need. For example, if you want something that will remove floor stains, invest in one quality product, instead of buying 3-4 products that do basically the same thing.

For this purpose, before you buy any commercial cleaning products, make sure you know the exact amount of things you will need and choose wisely as this will help you in more than one way. Moreover, remember that you should also set a budget for this particular use.

Difference between Property Valuation and Appraisal

Property valuation

Property valuation is the assessment of the current value of any particular property. This appraisal is based on three main factors; the size and location of the land, the size and functionality of the property and the prevailing market conditions (supply and demand) for properties having similar characteristics. Since market is an ever-changing mechanism, it is likely that the value of a property would frequently change over time with fluctuating market conditions.

A property should be valued at regular intervals. It is not necessary that the price of the property, paid for at the time of purchase, would represent its actual value for years to come. This is because the market conditions cannot be fixed for a longer period of time, as there are frequent changes in demand and supply stimulating changes.

Property valuations should be carried out by certified professionals or valuation firms who possess the relevant skills and expertise essential for an efficient and cost-effective valuation. A valuation of property would be most appropriate in situations where either the owner wishes to sell his property or needs to obtain a loan from a financial institute or lender. Many of the individuals take the market appraisal of the property as its current value. Therefore, it is important to realize here that property appraisal and property valuation are two different terms and are very different to each other.

Property Appraisal

A property appraisal is more of a subjective exercise, which can be done by using any of the three methods; the income approach, the cost approach and the sales comparison approach. All these methods have the common purpose of assessing the value of a home or property.

The Income Approach

With an income approach, an approximate figure or amount is estimated that any investor would be willing to pay. This amount would represent the amount of equity that the property will be able to generate.

The Cost Approach

The cost approach determines the cost that will have to be paid for the replacement of home improvements and land. This amount, however, excludes deterioration.

Sales Comparison Approach

This approach is completely different to the two mentioned above. This is because, under this approach, the value of a property is determined based on the selling price of nearby comparable properties that have been sold.

Property Valuation

On the contrary, a property valuation is a complex and time-consuming procedure. For this reason, valuations of properties are only done by certified and professional valuers possessing the relevant educational requirements, training and experience. A valuation of a property is typically used when an ultimate value is required, for example in cases of lawsuits, property settlements or when a decedent’s estate value has to be established.
A valuation is a much detailed exercise as compared to an appraisal. This is because an appraisal is only meant to determine an estimate, not the exact, value of a property. Therefore, it is more focused on the property’s exterior and its immediate neighbourhood. However, it may include an external assessment of the interiors of a property.

Home Nursing Care


For many citizens, planning for their retirement and the distant future seems far away and out of touch with the reality of everyday life. At some point though in everybody’s career, they will have to begin thinking about what options they would like to have for their retirement. Sickness and disability can unfortunately strike at any time and you need to think about what kind of care you would need.

On the other hand, you may already have elderly relatives or friends who are in need of palliative care right now. Home nursing care is just one of the many options available for senior citizens. There are many different types of care that can take place at institutions, facilities and other locations apart from the home. Nursing care may also entail transportation services to and from the patient’s home and other services and facilities they need to make use of.

Often, elderly people have mobility issues and quality home nursing is also tied in with providing mobility vehicles and in-home improvements and assistance to help patients get about their day-to-day lives.

Helping You Out In Troubled Times

Many people have also found it helpful that home nursing care is available when their elderly loved ones are suffering from a debilitating condition such as dementia, Parkinson’s or other sicknesses. In these cases, adult children of senior patients are often left in difficulties with balancing their family, career and care requirements. They may be pressed for time and under extreme amounts of stress. These are the cases when home nursing care can be of such a great assistance. A qualified healthcare professional can be with your loved ones for as much time as you need to get on with your life and in the meantime you will be able to dedicate as much time as you can instead of feeling under intense pressure.

Health care professionals across the country are passionate and dedicated people who are keen on providing a great palliative experience for any sick patient. You should feel confident in letting them care for your elderly parents or relatives as they will get the love and dignity that every human person on the planet deserves.

Varieties of Home Nursing Care

There are different types of home nursing care available. You can work with a professional who comes for varying lengths of time and who can perform a variety of functions. Some patients may only need daily visits for information, checking up and administering medications. Others may need assistance throughout the day and still others might need a live-in nurse to care for them. It all depends on the nature and severity of the patient’s condition at the time.

Home nursing care is not only limited to medical and health care either – in many cases qualified staff can help with transportation, day-to-day affairs, business that needs to be taken care of, groceries and much more. Generally, you should look for a quality home nursing provider who goes to great lengths to make sure that your elderly relatives are well taken care of!

How to have A Perfect Body: 4 Foods to Eat

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Tired of having to constantly eat the same thing (pasta morning, afternoon and evening)? You also wonder  how to have a perfect body? Well, to help you along the way, I want to give you some ideas of recipes and foods that will make you happy. And I’ll also reveal to you the things that must be avoided to stay healthy and build a beautiful silhouette.

OK, without further delay, let’s starts the main course…

image source:
image source:


1. Who else wants chicken?

Chicken meat is probably one of the best meats. It contains a lot of protein for very little fat! It is ideal for those who want to build muscle without gaining too much fat.

Important! I’m not talking about chickens nuggets you can find at McDonald’s! Here they present no nutritional value and, therefore, consume occasionally.

Roast chicken is also very good for your health (good amount of protein). It also contains many good elements such as vitamins B6, phosphorus, and potassium.

2. From raw salmon for these essential fatty acids

Still a very good source of protein and essential fatty acids (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated)

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image source:

I suggest you cook with steam because it is one of the best ways to not delete all the right nutrients it contains. (Unlike the stove or in the oven)

You can take both breakfasts and lunch at noon for example! Here is a recipe that you could easily achieve; it is a salad with salmon paste smoke.


3. From the cabbage for its energy density

There is a golden rule if you want to have a balanced diet: following the model pyramid This means eating a lot early in the day and the evening light.

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image source:


For example in your diet fat loss, you can incorporate into your meal white cabbage tonight. It contains a lot of water and will help you feel fuller while having consumed a very small volume of food.


4. Pasta and Rice for complete starch

Every good athlete should consume starchy (carbohydrate sources). Overall, rice and pasta are good foods.

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image source:

But be careful to choose the pasta and rice complete rather than pasta and white rice, because of the too high glycemic index of these.


How to have a perfect bodyThings to Avoid to stay healthy…

Overall, you must keep in mind the idea of balance. You cannot, if you aim to build muscle, eat at every meal of meat + eggs + potatoes.  You will create an imbalance and unfortunately it is your liver and your kidneys that are likely to take a hit by transforming the extra calories into fat.

Playing sports, your body asks you more energy, which is normal! It just should not make him do an overdose of protein or carbohydrate as do many people. You risk in addition to taking the fat very quickly.

And it’s the same if you want to lose weight. You should never deprive your body of what it needs. Continue to consume fats, preferably in the morning, while focusing on type of omega-3 fats (fish …)

And it is the same with carbohydrates, so do not just stop at the risk of your weight to the yoyo.

Medical and Non Medical Home Care

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Home care services can be divided in two major groups and these are medical and non medical services.This is why you will find various services provide a different professional to provide the care. It is important that you realise that all care givers are trained to provide some form of medical assistance and could even help the patient when it comes to medical emergencies. Today, we will distinguish the different services you can get in the medical and non medical categories.

We first begin with nursing care which as the name suggests is provided by a nurse and this is usually a registered nurse. When it comes to nursing care, you can get services such as aged care, diabetes services, continence management, haemophilia care, hospital liaison, dementia care, wound care and other medical services. As you can see, these are services that require medical care and nobody would ideally feel comfortable having a non medical professional providing such services. That is really something that you need to look out for when employing the services of any home care agency. Medical services must be provided my medically trained professionals such as nurses, physiotherapists and others.

Non-medical services could be in form of personal care and companionship as well. Personal care is often provided for people who are unable to care for themselves this could be due to age, recent incapacitation or maybe recovery from an illness or surgery. Whatever the case, personal care services are a great way to give your loved one the support they need. Some of the personal care services you can get include: feeding assistance, toileting or incontinence care, dressing, bathing, mobility and more. When it comes to companionship and care services, we are looking at someone who does not necessarily need medical care and mainly requires a companion. Companions provide tasks such as mail assistance, assistance with light housekeeping, grocery shopping, meal preparation, grooming and basically someone who is there to not only care for you but also provide conversation.

Home care does not necessarily have to be live-in care and you could have the care provider come for scheduled visits. However, people who need personal care tend to require live-in care since they are not in a position to care for themselves as needed. Different services will call for different kinds of health professionals and these are some of the professionals you are bound to come across when you require in-home care.Nurses are most common and as mentioned earlier they primarily provide medical care and will more often than not liaise with the hospital or your doctor to monitor and ensure that you are recovering as should. Other professionals who also provide medical care are medical social workers and they are mainly hired to counsel and assist the family and patient to cope with emotional and social factors that affect people with dire medical conditions or recent disability. Homemakers, health aides, companions and family caregivers are often provided when the situation is not dire and mainly non medical.

Cleaning Chemicals can be dangerous


Cleaning chemicals can be very dangerous not just to young children and pets, but also to adults, mostly because of their properties. As the first line of defence, you should always keep your cleaning chemicals locked up in a cupboard away from child or pet access. This is needed in every household as a basic precaution because the results of child or pet curiosity can often be catastrophic.

Oxidising and Corrosive Chemicals

Many chemicals are corrosive or oxidising to the touch. Basically, this means that if any human flesh gets in contact with the chemical, it will cause a severe burn by eating away at the skin, muscle and in extreme emergencies even down to the bone. It is very important to wear thick, corrosion and oxidisation-immune gloves when working with chemicals such as this. Eye goggles are also necessary to prevent anything getting in your eyes and in some cases, it may even be advisable to wear full protective gear or to be extremely careful with splashing.

Flammable Chemicals

Cleaning chemicals that are highly flammable or volatile should be kept far away from any source of heat. Be aware of the internal temperature of any cupboard or cabinet that you are storing chemicals in. A very hot and humid environment has the potential to cause cans and bottles to explode or crack, creating disastrous and sometimes extremely dangerous results. Keep chemicals in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

If there are sources of heat and flame, then never use chemicals.

Working With Fresh Air

One of the principles of working with any cleaning chemicals is to open as many doors and windows as possible in your home beforehand. This will allow fresh air to circulate, removing harmful chemicals as well as stale air from your indoor environment. In the long term, this will promote healthy breathing and eliminate respiratory problems for your family.

Is it OK to Purchase Pet Supplies Online?

pet supplies

Buying the best kind of pet supplies online for your dog or cat is something which is nothing short of a challenge and all pet owners are aware of this. The reason for this is of course because there are so many options available in the market these days that owners often get confused about the product that they should buy for their pet. Whether it is a simple flee shampoo or something medical related, the market for these supplies is high and so people don’t know whether they should buy an item from one company or another.

Now even though I won’t be guiding you any specific company or suppliers, I would like to tell you about some tips and tricks that you can apply when you are shopping for your pet supplies. Read below and find out what I am talking about.

Ask around your area

There must be at least some other pet owners other than you in the area and so you need to ask for their help if you have just bought your pet and don’t know which products to buy. Whether you own a cat, dog, fish or even a hamster, people who have had them for a long while will be best able to guide you on the type of shampoos etc you should buy.

Do your research

Of course, your primary objective is to take the best care of your pet, and so you need to ensure that the product you are buying is top of quality. For this purpose, you need to buy products that are popular for their quality and name. The best way to spot these is to do research on the internet and get as much knowledge as you possibly can.

Buy Items that you will use

There are many individuals who end up buying pet supplies online and not using them at all. As a pet owner, there are a few things that you will require which are the basic necessities. However, buying things on the whim when you don’t really require them will be a waste of your money as well as your time. This is why it is a good idea to first make a list of all the pet items that you may need as this will help you in staying on track.

Shop according to budget

Remember that your pet will be with you for a long time and so you will need to spend a little amount of money on their maintenance and grooming every now and then. So, make sure you know the budget you will be working with. Here, it is also good to bear in mind that you cannot compromise on the quality of the item for the budget, instead what you can do is to wait for a few days until you have enough and buy then because purchasing 3-4 bad quality items will not equal the one which is of value.